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"Health for Haiti" Organizers visit Rotary Club

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A class at SUNY Broome visited the Binghamton Rotary Club on Tuesday, in order to spread the word on the great work they do in Haiti.

"Health for Haiti", is a faculty-led, global service course offered by SUNY Broome, where students and staff alike can go to the Caribbean island and give free health care to its citizens.

In addition to gaining college credit while going on the annual trip, Professor of Biology Dr. Jennifer Musa says that students gain life-changing experiences by meeting new people, and even possibly, saving their lives.

"Many of our students find that the experience is really life changing. I think they learn a lot about themselves, they develop a new appreciation for all the things and opportunities that they have here. But also, they're empowered by the real difference that they can make globally by sharing their time and their talents." Says Dr. Musa.

For more information on "Health for Haiti", or how you can donate to the class, you can visit their website by clicking here.