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'Witches and Wizards' Break Out of Harry Potter Themed Escape Room

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Wizards, witches, and muggles grabbed their wands to break out of the Vestal Public Library's Harry Potter Escape Room.

72 people divided into teams of eight, and had 35 minutes to find the room of requirement.

Organizers didn't want to give too much of the magical mystery away.

"So there are a series of locks that they have to open, and they have to answer puzzles and clues, so they're placed throughout the room, and it's their job to figure it out. They need to have a little Harry Potter knowledge to be able to do that," said Anna Lake, the youth services coordinator at the Vestal Public Library.

The event was so popular, over 200 people were wait-listed. The Library will host another Harry Potter Escape Room on February 29th.

The activity is free and suited for all ages, as long as at least one member of a group is over the age of 13.

To register call 607-754-4243 or stop in the Library. Wait-listed members are given preference for reservations for the next event.