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Maine-Endwell High School Students Experience State of the State First Hand

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Maine-Endwell high school students had the chance to take in Governor Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address in person Wednesday. Rachel Murat's AP government class took the trip up to Albany for the speech. 

Murat says this was a great opportunity for her students to get involved and learn what's going on at the state level. 

"I think the number one thing I want the kids to take away is their civic duty. To be not only aware of what is going on in the government, but to also form their own opinions based on the information that they're getting and they are synthesizing and talking about so that they can be civic minded adults," says Murat. 

"It was a really cool thing, we were able to hear the governor speak and it was really cool to see and hear all the different opinions and perspectives and all the different types of things he was talking about," says Michael King, a senior at ME high school.

Murat says she believes this is the 8th time she's taken students to the State of the State.