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Plowz and Mowz Makes Its Way Into Binghamton

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Plowz and Mowz started in Syracuse when the founder's mother was plowed in and couldn't get help.

Now in 40 cities across the country, You can get plow and lawn services at the push of a button, with Binghamton being added to that list today.
Dan Lopez, Head of Business Development, said "We really wanted to bring this to Binghamton... We have friends and family here and they have been harping on us to bring the service here so we decided over the last week to make that all possible..."

Members of Plowz and Mowz were at the Relief Pitcher, meeting with landscaping companies from around the region to hopefully have a business relationship moving forward.

Lopez also said "Getting a customer to break out their phone... Go boop boop boop... An order has been placed... And a landscaper can pick that up within a few seconds... And be paid within 24 hours and see that customer over and over and over again... Without the interaction of calling and trying to get a quote... Or missing the call and trying to orchestrate a time to meet"

The opportunity to meet with potential partners and clients was extremely important, and using the meet and greet format was effective.

Justin Scheddin, from Lawn Works Landscaping and Snow Removal, said: "Lead generation is very pricey and that plays a big role and I think Plowz and Mowz is great for the money aspect of advertising and getting more business and lead generation to the company..."

Lopez described the strategy "You can build a business as we have using technology and calling people in different states... But realistically the best way in order for you to have good communication with anyone is to have a drink with them... Share some wings... Come down to where they are on their turf so that's what we are doing today..."

Scheddin also said"It's great to see them come down to our area... And I'll be more than happy to help them out now or in the future... For whatever it holds..."