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Recycling Refresher: Tips On How And What You Should Recycle

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After a fire at the Taylor Garbage Recycling Facility that smoldered for days after starting around 5 p.m. on January 3, a statement was released by the facility emphasizing that it was important for the public to know what materials can and cannot be recycled.

Materials Recovery Manager Jessica Brewer says batteries should be taken to any collection facility in Broome County including Wegmans in Johnson City, Broome County Public Library, Broome County Landfill, and the SUNY Broome Ice Area. 

 “Don’t put batteries like your alkaline or rechargeables in the bin," said Brewer.

Any electronics such as televisions, cell phones, and computers can be taken to the Broome County Landfill on any of the select collection days for no charge, otherwise, there is a $5 fee.  

For materials that get tossed into your recycling bin, it is important to make sure they're clean --  this means clean bottles, glass, and pizza boxes without too much oil. 

Big "don'ts" for your bin include styrofoam, egg cartons, soiled paper products, and film plastics like bubble wrap, case wrap, and sandwich bags. These types of plastics can be recycled at any retail or big box store in the plastic bag bin. 

"The film plastics will actually tangle up the sorting apparatus and they will actually have to clean them out daily in order to get that wrapping out," said Brewer.

Brewer says this is especially a problem in January when people like to "wish-cyle" and place their string lights in recycling bins and jam the sorting machines. 

For more information on recycling in Broome County, you can head to http://gobroomecounty.com/solidwaste.

For Tioga County Recycling, information can be found at https://www.tiogacountyny.com/recycling-and-disposal-lookup-guide/.