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Teeter Road Becomes the Focus of the Owego Town Meeting

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Teeter road has been closed since December 3rd when a substitute plow went off the road and got stuck. The highway supervisor shut down the road and people were not happy.

Here are some of the comments from the meeting.

"That road has been open over 100 years... Never had any problems plowing it... They got a truck stuck there once before"

"In the event of a fire or an emergency and I want to get to him... We are gonna have to take 25 minutes or 30 minutes to get around a hill..."

The Owego Town Meeting was dominated with comments about issues with school buses, emergency vehicles, and work routes, and the council had receptive about the issues, but are running into a wall, stating that it's in the highway supervisor's hands.

One member of the audience "There is no one accountable for in any way no matter what he does?"

Donald Castellucci Jr., the Town Supervisor, Responded with"We can chat with him there is a highway committee... And we can see what the answers are but at this point in time today I cant tell you that we can make him do anything"

The issue is that the highway supervisor has deemed the road unsafe and is not responding to phone calls, and the locals are worried that the road will become seasonably or permanently closed.

One local, Paul Schneider, said this after the meeting "I think the board is interested in what's going on my concern is the highway supervisor is the last say... If it comes down to it that it comes to being closed for this winter we can live with that but they need to improve the road..."