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Rate Changes Coming to Sewer Customers in the Town of Union

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The Binghamton Johnson City Joint Sewage Treatment Plant (BJCJSTP) has been causing difficulties to the budget and the Town of Union will see rate adjustments because of it.

The Sewer Fund budget has become more difficult to balance, and the Town of Union says they are not responsible for the rate changes.

Sewer Users in Choconut Center, Fairmont Park, Westover and other areas in the Part Town area billed by the Village of Endicott Water Department Johnson City Water Departments will see these changes to rates.

Minimum Charge: $75.79
Rate per cf 1001-4999: $0.091980
Rate per cf 5000-9999: $0.114975
Rate per cf 10000 & up: $0.124173

Water Users in the Choconut Center Water District will see these changes.

Minimum Charge: $112.50
Rate per cf 1001-7000: $0.0665625
Rate per cf 7001-2000000: $0.8531250
Rate per cf 2000001 & up: $0.0235813