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Vestal Museum Moving Back Near Original Location

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 The Vestal Museum is planning to move back near its original 1881 location by the end of the year, after receiving grants and donations to support the move. 

Cherese Rosales, Director of the Vestal Museum, says the spot that will be about 100 yards from the Vestal Coal House has the potential to gain national historic status since it will be close to its original location, which will make sure the building is protected forever. 

The Hoyt Foundation is donating $70,000, the Decker Foundation agreed to give $50,000, and a Consolidated Funding Grant from NYS Parks and Recreation will provide $360,000.

Rosales hopes the location near the Rail Trail will bring more traffic and promote tourism. The museum is also planning to have a basement level suitable for exhibitions. 

"You need to focus on placemaking and making your town a place that people want to settle in and live in," said Rosales. 

The museum hopes to put the whole building on a truck to make the big move by the end of the year.