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Residents and Student Recover From the Near Foot of Snow

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After an intense morning of snow and ice, it's starting to calm down.

We spoke with some of the locals that are starting to poke their heads out after the storm.

Once the snow stopped locals were out and about once again, but the near foot of snow, still causing problems.

One Binghamton resident, Joe Pistoia, said "Really inconvenienced... A lot of inconvenience... Really a lot... But it's starting to clear out now..."

Accidents were prevalent all day, with both snow and ice being a problem on the roads. Most avoiding driving altogether.

Daniel Eisenhower, a student at Binghamton University, said "I haven't driven yet... I specifically did not drive at all today... I actually finished shoveling off my car an hour ago it was nuts... The first time I've had my car up here... And I had to shovel like a foot and a half of snow off of it..."

Binghamton University students were especially impacted, as classes were canceled today and any classes before noon canceled for tomorrow.
Venkatesh, another BU student, said "That's kind of good but it's also finals week coming up so mixed feelings there... It's a good part that classes are canceled too... And that's kind of nice"

Eisenhower also said "It does suck but there is not really a way to avoid it... It's mother nature saying hey Binghamton, oh well... We'll deal with it... I've been dealing with it... It's just how it is..."