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Highway Crews Work To Keep Up With Ice And Snow On Roadways

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Highway workers around the Southern Tier have had their work cut out for them after two days of ice and snow fell on the region. To see firsthand what they're up against, I went out on the roads with Broome County Highway Department workers. 

Deputy Commissioner Mark Quail was my ride to my ride... We were meeting up with a plow driver, but just five minutes after Quail and I left the Highway Department, we ran into a job of our own. A downed tree laying partially on West Chenango Road had snapped to the ground after being weighted down with ice. Quail got out his chainsaw and residents helped pull the branches out of the lane. 



That wasn't the only tree ice brought down in Broome. When Quail dropped me off with plow driver Bill Hawk, we heard over the radio that another one was down on East Maine Road, possibly stuck in some wires. 

By the time I met up with Hawk, it was seven hours into his shift. He started his workday at 3:30 a.m.. Hawk's route takes him on the county roads between the Town of Chenango and the Town of Union. 

"If it was just the snow, it wouldn't be too bad," says Hawk. 

Just like with the downed trees, it's ice that's creating issues. Hawk has been putting down a mixture of sand and salt to clear it up. As of 11:30 a.m., he was on his second load. Each load is 15 tons. 

With more snow in the forecast for Monday night, Broome County has another driver standing by to take over Hawk's route when he clocks off after 12 hours on the road.