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Tow Trucks Respond To Dozens Of Cars Off Roads

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Tow trucks have been pulling vehicles off the side of the road and out of ditches all day due to Sunday morning's slippery conditions, and the weather is not stopping there.

Sonny Manny, Owner of U-Save Towing and Recovery, says his towing company can get anywhere from 50 to 200 calls during winter conditions like today. The trucks were ready to go at different mile markers along Interstate 81. 

New York State Police told Fox 40 that as of this morning, cars sliding off the road resulted in about 20 property damages, with only 3 minor injuries. 

State Police say there were about 10 cars off the roadway on I-81 near exit 7 this morning, causing that section of the Interstate to close. 

"The worst problem we run into is not the driving, it's the stopping," said Manny.

With the winter storm expected to hit Binghamton tonight, U-Save drivers were called by the New York State Department of Transportation to stay out until at least tomorrow. 

Manny says his fleet of 22 tow trucks helps to move tractor-trailers and cars out of the way on the Interstates to streamline traffic. 

"Slow down, it's the best thing you can do to prevent an accident," Manny adds.