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Wings of the Week: Fountains Tavern

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You can smell the aroma from two types of wings being grilled at Fountain's Tavern in Johnson City, a bar that owner Rick Ray took over in 2015.

Ray's interest for the bar business grew from working at various bars throughout his life, to now owning the bar on CFJ boulevard. Being a neighborhood bar, it's no surprise that the newest wings on the menu are named after a local DJ.

“We took the hot garlic teriyaki wing and Toby, a friend of mine, suggested that the cook throw them on the grill for a couple minutes for him one day and they kind of took off," said Ray. 

The wings took off to be one of the best sellers -- just by word of mouth. 

 “You smell them immediately and people say, what’s that?" said Ray. 

Eventually the flavor was added to the menu, but the Toby wings aren't the only ones that are grilled. Fountain's Sweet and Sassy wings won Judge's Choice at the 2016 Binghamton Wingfest. 

Unlike the Toby wings, the southern style barbeque wings are tossed in sauce a second time, after they are lightly charred on the grill and the sugar in the sauce caramelizes.

Ray says the Sweet and Sassy wings are the best seller, where customers like John Davison agree.

"They're probably the best wings I've ever had," said Davison.

If you'd like to try them for yourself, Fountain's wing nights are on Wednesdays.