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Restaurant Known For Their Mac and Cheese Replaces Old Ground Round

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Mooney's Bar and Grill, a Buffalo-area restaurant chain known for its mac and cheese, is set to open at 214 Reynolds Road in Johnson City on December 4. 

“This has been on our radar for a few years now. It was just kind of a natural migration down 86," said co-owner Brian Harris. 

Mooney's opened four months ago in Athens, PA -- with locations in Corning and Big Flats. Binghamton residents will now be able to indulge in their award-winning mac and cheese. 

The Johnson City location will be the 10th location to open since the restaurant was founded 10 years ago.  Today, Mooney's boasts over two dozen varieties of mac and cheese. 

The restaurant is not totally unfamiliar to the area. Last year, Mooney's took the Judge's Choice and The Big Cheese award at the Binghamton Mac and Cheese Fest.

“We’re so excited to enter it for a third year and only be five minutes from the venue," said Harris. 

Mooney's is also known for its fun sports memorabilia, including the most popular photo that might not go over well with the Tom Brady fans. 

Customers can check out the memorabilia and the food for themselves when Mooney's opens its doors on December 4.