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Renovations Aim To Make Broome 911 Call Center Faster, More Reliable, And Comfortable For Dispatchers

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Broome County 911 dispatchers are now working out of a newly renovated space in the Emergency Services building.

The improvements, paid for with 911 surcharges, include new furniture, desks, and upgrades to technology. 

The Director of Emergency Services, Michael Ponticello says they needed to upgrade things like wiring and cabling, which required them to pull up the floors, so it was the right time to give the space a complete overhaul. 

Dispatchers say the upgrades make their 12 hour shifts much easier and more comfortable. 

"It used to be really bright in here and the glare on the screens was hard to do your job, but now with the up-lighting and being able to have task lights, it makes it much easier to do your job and it's not such a strain on your eyes," says John Paffie, a 911 dispatcher. 

While the technology improvements aren't visible, Ponticello says the work done on the cabling under the floors makes the equipment more reliable and longer lasting.