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Boys and Girls Club Makes Sure Everyone Gets a Thanksgiving Dinner

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The Boys and Girls Club in Binghamton held their Annual Thanksgiving Dinner, and for a good cause.

Over 200 members of the club showed up to the dinner, to eat, play games, and most importantly, be a family.

This annual event is supported by the community and is served as a beacon for those who need it most, to come together with their newfound families and enjoy the holidays with those important to them.

Roberto Sostre, Unit Director Boys and Girls Club of Binghamton, said "We're just one big family here at the Boys and Girls Club, and it's good for at least one day out of the year for everyone to just sit down and have dinner together. That's what family's about right? Just sitting down and having family together on Thanksgiving."

The Boys and Girls Club has had this event for over the past 10 years, and they hope to have it for many years to come.