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A Second Binghamton Police Officer Files Racial Discrimination Complaint Against City, Police Chief

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Three months after a Binghamton police officer filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the police department, a second member of the force has also filed a complaint. 

The lawsuit, provided by lawyer Ron Benjamin, claims Binghamton Police Lieutenant Alan Quinones is facing racial discrimination and retaliation after he gave statements in support of another officer, Christopher Hamlett, who filed a racial discrimination suit back in August.

Quinones' attorney, Ronald Benjamin, says "He was called into Corporation Council and personnel and basically when they all spoke he told the truth. Basically Captain Ryan is a racist and if I'm asked anything about that I'm going to tell the truth."

As a result of his statement to Corporation Council, the suit claims police Chief Joseph Zikuski and Assistant Chief John Ryan have  retaliated.

"I think for two reasons: One to basically get Quinones and anybody else and to send a message to the rank and file. If you try to do anything but support the administration position, you are going to be in trouble. Your job is going to be on the line," says Benjamin.

The suit alleges Zikuski has set up scenarios with other patrol officers on the force to create situations to undermine Quinones' authority or set him up for disciplinary action.

The lawsuit also claims Quinones, who is Hispanic, has previously and currently faced discrimination, with Ryan referring to him as "Ricky Ricardo" or imitating him speaking Spanish. 

Along with Zikuski and Ryan, the lawsuit names the City of Binghamton and Mayor Rich David.

The City of Binghamton says they have not yet been served with the claim. 

On Monday afternoon, the City of Binghamton received a copy of an unfiled complaint from a Police Officer sent to the City via the media. The City has not been served.  This complaint is nothing more than a coordinated attack of the City in conjunction with a prior complaint filed with the New York Division of Human Rights in August 2019.  Like the prior complaint, the City adamantly denies these charges and will address them in the courts, not the media.

- Kenneth J. Frank, City of Binghamton Corporation Counsel


The city also provided the below letter from Corporation Counsel to the New York State Department of Human Rights regarding Hamlett's complaint back in August.