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Battisti Demands Recount In Tight DA Race

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An hour after the Broome County Board of Elections declared Michael Korchak the winner of the District Attorney race, Paul Battisti took to Facebook to ask for a recount.

Battisti's request goes farther than asking for the ballots to be run back through the machines. He wants every ballot to be hand-counted. Around 43,000 ballots were cast in the general election. 

On Wednesday, Christina Dutko, the democratic deputy commissioner for the Broome County Board of Elections, told Fox 40 the board is not planning to do a recount. Dutko says the law does not require them to conduct a recount unless there is a Supreme Court Order to do so. 

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On Tuesday, Battisti was not present while the Board of Elections counted around 2,000 absentee, affidavit, and military ballots. His campaign lawyers were there and issued challenges for several ballots, as did Korchak's camp.

Going into the absentee count, Korchak was up by 122 votes. He held on to his lead throughout the day and around 3:30 p.m., most of Battisti's camp cleared out of the Board of Elections and shortly after, one of the lawyers withdrew the campaign's objections and those ballots were counted. That gave Korchak a 112 vote lead over Battisti. With less than that number of ballots left in the Korchak campaign's challenge bin, the libertarian candidate was declared the winner. The 104 remaining challenged ballots were released and counted, which resulted in the 46 vote lead for Korchak. 


In a statement on his Facebook page on Wednesday, Korchak said he's "respectfully declaring victory" and that he's actually up by 64 votes, not 46. 

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