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Will Professional Baseball Be Leaving Binghamton? Jason Garner says Why He Thinks It Is A Bad Idea

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In an article written this past weekend by Bill Madden of the New York Daily News, Binghamton could very well lose their Double-A baseball team if the proposal from MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred goes through.

Manfred is calling for the four Short-Season (S.S) Leagues to be removed from the Minor League system, which calls for the removal of the New York Mets affiliate, the Brooklyn Cyclones. If this happens, Brooklyn will become the Mets' new home for Double-A baseball in the Eastern League.

There are many reasons why the commissioner wants these teams to become obsolete, one of them being that these teams and their respective stadiums are not up to MLB standards. This comes as a concern considering New York State and Rumble Ponies Owner John Huges put in $5.2 Million dollars into stadium renovations over the last couple of seasons. 

Broome County Executive Jason Garner voiced his concern for the Binghamton community if we lose professional baseball altogether.

"It would just be terrible to lose them, and I think Major League Baseball is making a big mistake in doing this. I hope our community can rally together, and I know they will, to be able to send a message to Major League Baseball that this is a real, really terrible idea. Not just for our community, but bad for the 40 plus communities that are going to lose Minor League Baseball in their towns." Says Garner

It is also worth mentioning in the poor timing of this proposal coming in, that the Rumble Ponies are hosting the 2020 Eastern League All-Star Game this upcoming season, which will (1) bring in a lot of revenue and notoriety to the area, and (2) potentially show the MLB that this stadium is capable of hosting thousands of fans in a safe and successful environment.

Binghamton is not the only MiLB team in Upstate New York that may be losing a franchise. The Auburn Doubledays and Batavia Muckdogs are also on the commissioners' chopping block of teams to be removed by the 2021 season. 

There is an MLB Owners meeting taking place this week in Arlington, Texas where one of the big topics will be whether or not to go through with this plan.