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Local Organizations Call On Elected Officials To Address Skyrocketing Price Of Insulin

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Thursday is World Diabetes Day and local organizations are observing the day by calling on elected officials to address the ever rising costs of insulin. 

Citizen Action of NY held a press conference with a broad coalition of organizations and faith leaders to voice their concerns on the insulin crisis.

Community members sharing their personal experiences of friends and family members to illustrate the importance to making insulin affordable. 

"I have a friend, a senior citizen, who often rations his insulin and skips doses in order to stretch his medication due to the high out of pocket co-pays. Oftentimes, especially in the winter months, it becomes a choice between medication, or heating oil, or groceries. And that should not exist in this country," said Leona Perreault, an advocate for lower insulin costs. 

The conference emphasized the need for elected officials to grant Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices on behalf of patients in order to lower costs. 

According to the American Diabetes Association, insulin prices have nearly tripled in the last decade. 

The reasons for the price hike isn't entirely clear but are due in part to the complexity of drug pricing in general and of insulin pricing in particular.