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The Sharak Family Says Goodbye to Sharkey's After Nearly 73 Years

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After nearly 73 years in the Sharak family, Sharkey's a popular Binghamton restaurant, is up for sale.

"It was not an easy decision," said JoAnn Sharak, an owner of Sharkey's. "When we have to go it's going to be difficult, but it's for the best."

"We're older and it's a lot of work, and there's no one to pass it on too, so that's why we're trying to sell," said Marie Sharak, JoAnn's sister-in-law and the other owner of Sharkey's.

Now that their children have moved away, the family is asking $450,000 for the restaurant that means everything to them.

"I met my husband here," said JoAnn.

"I met mine here too," said Marie.

JoAnn's husband, Lawrence, passed away in 2017, and Marie's husband, Robert, back in 1996. The sisters-in-law have been manning the store ever since.

"We're both here right now 7 days a week," said Marie.

In 1979, their husbands took it over from their parents, Peter and Victoria Sharak, who opened Sharkey's in 1947, naming it after Mr. Sharak's nickname, 'Sharkey.'

Legend has it, he created the spiedie.

"I do know that we were the first to sell the spiedie meat to take out," said Marie.

The menu's grown since, but some items are a sure thing.

"We sell a tremendous amount of clam," said Marie. "There's no one around that sells the volume of clams that we do."

As the pair heads into retirement, they'll miss a lot about Sharkey's, especially...

"The people," said Marie.

They say their customers have become more like family, after seven decades.

The Sharak women hope through the sale that Sharkey's will remain the restaurant.

The Glenwood Ave. restaurant doesn't currently have any offers. It was listed on October 6th with Keller Williams realty.

Sharkey's will stay open until it's sold.