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Four Union Endicott Alumni Receive Awards for Making a Difference in the Lives of Others

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Union Endicott juniors partnered up with alumni to understand their lives and the impacts they had made on the lives of others.

These alumni, graduates from the classes of 1950, 1958, 1984, and 1998 worked alongside junior students to help share the story of their lives from high school to college as well as their occupational careers and so on. These accomplishments ranged from being the first woman bowler to play all four years of high school on the bowling team, to being an air force commander.

"Its a great deal of planning. It's very similar to putting on a wedding reception," said Steven DiStefano, the principal of Union Endicott High school. "We have about 50 people with us tonight with the four honorees. We've had as many as 120 for the same event for different years. We have dinner this evening with entertainment provided by the students. And a critical part of this is getting the students involved."

"Its nice to be able to see how all our worlds melt together," said Brianna Attey, a Union Endicott Junior. "Just by learning through their experiences and just listening to them, just being able to understand how life really isn't as different now as it was back then."

The next Union Endicott Alumni dinner will not be until 2021.

The four alumni who receive awards are Marilyn Hanafin, class of 1950, who receive an award for being a lifelong community volunteer. Maria Shara Fronek, class of 1984, who received an award for being a mentor for young engineers. Special Agent David Lenzo, class of 1998, who received an award for their military leadership in the Iraq War. Colonel Terry Shaw Kemp, class of 1958, for being a highly decorated air force commander. Kemp passed away in 2018, his wife was handed the award in his honor.