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Wings of the Week: The Relief Pitcher

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The Relief Pitcher is known for their busy ten-cent wing nights in the past and was one of the first places to bring wings to the area.

Opening the bar in 1985, past owner Bob Pastor brought the craze from Buffalo to the Southern Tier. 

“He discovered them at the Anchor Bar and he came back here and said these things are gonna be huge someday," said bartender Mike Talbut.

The ten cent wings made this bar a popular destination for college students and the community. 

New owner Tabatha Newton was a waitress during the time of ten cent wings, and says the crowd has changed as more restaurants offered wings but the wing nights are still popular. 

"Our crowd has changed but it’s still fun," said Newton. 

With the wing nights, the bar offers the "set-up" consisting of blue cheese, celery, and carrots which can be ordered along with a basket of wings, keeping the price down for those who may just solely want wings.

The Relief Pitcher is always experimenting with flavors such as Jamaican Jerk, Teriyaki, and Sweet Red Chili.

"We’ll continue to change them and grow," said Newton.

The Relief Pitcher may not have ten cent wings anymore, but you can get a deal on wings every Monday.