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Elementary School Hosts Assembly to Honor Veterans

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With Veteran's Day coming up on Monday, this afternoon, November 8th, Binghamton's Calvin Coolidge Elementary invited local veterans and active service members to attend an assembly in their honor.

Hundreds of students and faculty gathered in the school's gymnasium auditorium, with over a dozen veterans sitting at attention in front of the audience.

The assembly began with a rendition of the 'Star Spangled Banner,' sang by a local high school junior, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by three kindergarten students.

Students gave presentation on the importance of those who serve our country, they read poems and performed the song 'Our Country Tis of Thee' on the hand-bells.

This Veteran's Day assembly was able to educate the young children on military service while honoring those who have fought for citizens' freedoms.

One active service member said why it's so important to teach our youth about veterans.

"They protect your freedoms, I mean they do everything they can for the community and it's nice they get celebrated too," said Paul White, a US Army member.