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Town of Union Holds Public Hearing for Preliminary Budget

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The Town of Union has finished its 2020 preliminary budget and held a public hearing for it this evening.

This year's budget includes the annual water and sewer funds, And the fire contracts, but it also includes the proposed tax cap override.

Despite it being open for public comments no one had anything to say, and the Town Supervisor says he thinks it's because most of it is the same as last year and the Town of Union trusts them.

Rick Materese, Town of Union Supervisor, said "I'll be fair to the people who came before me... They've done a pretty good job keeping the town running... And keeping the budget under control... There are sometimes we debate how lean we can make the budget without hurting future budgets but they've done a nice job so I think people are pretty happy with what we've down..."

They were actually at negative figures when they drafted the budget but the passing of the library ballot pushed them into a positive tax increase below the 2 percent cap.

You can view the preliminary budget on the Town of Unions website: https://www.townofunion.com/