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Endicott Mayor Race: A Difference of 24 Votes

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After Tuesday night's election results, only 24 votes separate republican Linda Jackson and democrat Cheryl Chapman in the race for Endicott Mayor.

Jackson, a trustee in the village for a year, is currently in the lead before absentee ballot counting begins. On Tuesday, Jackson was excited about the initial results, celebrating with her family at the republican watch party in downtown Binghamton. 

"I was in total shock! I had no idea! I mean, Village of Endicott is 2/3 democrat. But I'm also on the Independent line," Jackson said, describing her feelings when she saw she was coming out ahead, "I worked very hard going door to door and I've been working hard all year to get things done. And I think people realized, once they saw what I've already done, that I'm going to continue."

Jackson will find out if she maintains that lead after absentee ballots are counted on November 19th.

The Broome County Board of Elections says they issued 203 absentee ballots to Village of Endicott residents and have received 129 of those back so far. Absentee ballots are still being received by the BOE until November 12th as long as they're postmarked by November 4th.