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Battisti Feeling "Positive" About Chances In Broome DA Race

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Casting his ballot at the Old State Rd fire station, the republican candidate for Broome County District Attorney Paul Battisti says he's staying positive and feeling confident about the election. This is the first time Battisti has run for public office. Early on, he gained the support of the local GOP.

Battisti says it's been a long campaign, but he's happy with how it went and grateful for the experience.

"I am just honored and humbled by the amount of support. My team, everything we did, trying to always focus on the facts. Really get out there... the ground game, knocking on doors, phone calls... It's really been incredible how receptive individuals have been and how much people talk about change needed here in the community," says Battisti.

Battisti's spot on the republican line of the ballot was won in June's primary election. It was a tight race between Battisti and Michael Korchak, which came down to absentee ballots. Battisti came out ahead by around 170 votes. Korchak is still on the ballot for the general election, having won an endorsement from the libertarian party. Democratic candidate Debra Gelson adds a third choice for voters.

When asked if he's prepared for the possibility Tuesday's results will be just as close as those in the primary, Battisti says: "It happened once, so it could happen again."

"If that happens, it happens. You know, stay positive and remain patient," says Battisti.

Polls close at 9 p.m.. Stay with Fox 40 throughout the night for results as they come in.