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Drivers Continue to Dangerously Speed On Pennsylvania Avenue

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Speeding has become a growing problem on one Binghamton Street, and one resident has had enough.

It's on Pennsylvania Avenue where one woman is saying something needs to be done before someone gets hurt.

As you head South on Pennsylvania Ave you eventually reach the quiet incline up the mountain, but some drivers move at top speeds disrupting the peace and safety of the area.

Heather Mallanda, who lives on Pennsylvania Ave., said: "I want to tell them to slow down before they kill somebody because somebody is going to get hurt..."

She sees non stop speeding on the road, and it's not just cars. She's seen school buses and trucks surpassing the road's 30 miles per hour speed limit.

She has addressed the issue to law enforcement before but seen nothing done.

"Got a hold of the Sheriff's Department and the Binghamton Police Department... BPD came up for one day from 9:30 to 2:30 and I asked them why they were leaving and they said they were afraid that their machine would get stolen and then the Sheriff left theirs for 2 weeks"

Over the 2 weeks, the Sheriff's Department saw over 27 thousand drivers come through and while the average was about 34 miles per hour some extremes were way up there, including a driver going 68 miles per hour over double that speed limit of 30.

Mallanda continued "We just moved in 2 months ago and we are just watching this and thinking what's going on here... How can so many people disobey the speed limit sign..."

Mallanda is hoping the city will install more signs and increase patrol on the road.

She says the city would probably make a fortune on speeding tickets.
"Why doesn't somebody do something... I know the sheriff could come up if the city said so but I think the city has to give him the okay... But I don't know..."

Fox40 reached out to the City of Binghamton about their speed results but they have yet to respond.