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The Relief Pitcher Adds Changes With New Ownership

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A former waitress at The Relief Pitcher on the South Side of Binghamton is celebrating six months as the new owner after working there for over 20 years.

The Relief Pitcher owner Tabatha Newton started waitressing at the bar when she was in high school and says she knows The Relief Pitcher like the back of her hand. It's no surprise that when past owner Bob Pastor asked her if she wanted to buy the bar one day in May, she said yes.

“I don’t know why he picked me or why he asked me but I’m grateful that he did," said Newton.

Newton describes customers and employees at The Relief Pitcher like family, so they all stayed when the change in ownership happened.

"She's been here a long time and she's worked hard. She deserves it," said bartender Mike Talbut. 

Talbut helped Newton with some of the changes which included updating the menu and remodeling around the bar, as well as the small banquet room.

The Relief Pitcher now serves rice bowls, quesadillas, and has deals on kids' meals every Tuesday.