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Peterson's Tavern Introduces New Space for Events

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Peterson's Tavern has become a regular hotspot in Binghamton.

And after 2 years of service, they've expanded to the second floor to host events.

Johnny Burns, Co-founder of Peterson's Tavern, said "We were getting so many inquiries to rent out the first floor... But it was tough because the first floor was always so packed with people eating dinner and coming in so in order to have an event down there we would have to turn our regular customer's away... So we thought man it would be great to expand to the upper floor of Peterson's and be able to offer those kinds of events up here."

The renovation is part of a recent push for economic development at the Front and Main street intersection. From the restaurants and buildings to smaller details like bike racks and tire pumps.

All part of the Main Street Grant given in 2016.

Robert Murphy, Director of Economic Development for the City of Binghamton, said: "Just bringing that all together and making the intersection of front and main a welcome entrance to the downtown area and also it's a spark to the west side and the second ward as well which borders here as well..."

Peterson's Tavern held its 2 year anniversary in the new space and is it's equipped for all sorts of events.
The founders are looking for as many ways as possible to build on the community.

Burns also said "We are going to keep promoting above Peterson's for private events and parties and any great thing going on you can do that here... But Peterson's Tavern... We are looking to keep looking to do awesome things for the community... Keep bringing together people with art and music and anything cool that's happening we want to do it here..."