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"Walk to Remember" Brings Awareness To Pregnancy and Infant Loss

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Over 100 parents, children, and family members gathered at the Vestal Coal House on Saturday to support each other through their experiences with pregnancy and infant loss. 

The UHS hosted "Walk to Remember" down the Vestal Rail Trail is dedicated to babies who have died through ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death up to two years old. 

"We want families to know there is support in our community for families going through this terrible situation," said Monica Lorenc, Nurse Educator and Performance Improvement Coordinator for Labor, Delivery, and Newborn Nursery at UHS Wilson Hospital. 

This event means a lot to Danielle Caviness, Nurse Educator and Performance Improvement Coordinator for ICU at UHS Wilson Hospital, who went through two pregnancy losses. 

"When I had my losses, our community didn't have anything to support families or mothers or parents for this type of loss," said Caviness.

Two years ago, Caviness and Lorenc took the opportunity to change that by creating this event. 

"They (UHS) allowed us to build this program and really turn this tragedy for me into a great opportunity," said Caviness. 

The event aims to have families who have gone through pregnancy and infant loss support each other every year.