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Octoberfest Beer Tasting Supports Church For 75th Anniversary

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Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church is preparing for the 75th Anniversary of the parish through this weekend's Octoberfest Beer Tasting.

The new event featured breweries and wineries from around the area, but one is a little different than the rest. Shrewd Fox Brewing gave samples of their milk stout with Ukrainian grain and three other types of beer with Ukrainian hops. 

"We got great contacts to get the products and in the last four batches, we've been adding Ukrainian products," said Cindy Lenczuk, co-owner of Shrewd Fox Brewery. 

The ticket for the beer tastings and traditional Ukrainian food supports the church's 75th-anniversary dinner in November. 

Father Teodor Czabala, Pastor of Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church is inviting former pastors, including the one who was there when the wooden church was built in 1977.

"I called them to come back and see the kids they baptized already grown up and maybe married," said Czabala.

The 75th celebration is taking place on November 9. Anyone who is interested in joining the celebration can contact the parish.