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Planning Board Looks to Change Local Law Ahead of Bluestone Wind Project

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The town of Sanford held a council meeting on Tuesday evening, and one of the items talked about was the Bluestone Wind Project.

The approval of the project has been on moratorium for the last 3 months and the planning board has been redrafting local laws to be put in effect ahead of the project.

A draft was presented at the meeting that made changes to levels of sound that can be present, locations of the proposed turbines, size of possible turbines, and changing the language of what is and is not allowed. 

If the draft is accepted by the council the plan that Calpine currently had would not work.

The Sanford Town Hall was full of supporters and protesters of the Bluestone Wind Project. 

Supporters cite it as a way that they can work in their home county, while protesters say the project would destroy their way of living.

The council will have to decide whether to accept or deny the local law changes, but they have placed it under another 3-month moratorium to give them a chance to think it over before they decide.

Fox 40 spoke with a member of Calpine as well as a Co-chair from Broome County Concerned Residents who are protesting the project.