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Binghamton Zoo Director Speaks on Future of Ross Park

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The Binghamton Zoo Director spoke at the Rotary Club on Monday to explain projects under progress at Ross Park, from conservation to recreation.

Binghamton Zoo Director Phil Ginter spoke about how the fifth oldest zoo in the country is not only participating in species survival programs, but making the park more energy efficient. 

The park is also looking to team up with VINES and the Cornell Cooperative Extension to start a compost facility with the zoo's waste.

Behind the zoo, there are 30 wooded acres that Ginter is looking to restore and create more recreational space with an updated overlook and campgrounds. 

"Part of what we're doing now is really educating the community about not just our mission around conservation, but also encouraging people to think of Ross Park as a recreational destination," said Ginter.

The park is planning to add mountain bike rentals to the trails, as well as skiing and snowshoeing programs. 

The zoo has applied to many grants for some programs, but is always looking to the community for more support. 

For more information, head to the Ross Park Zoo website.