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Fire Prevention Week Fun

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Students at St. James School were tapping their feet and clapping their hands to the fire prevention puppet show that the Johnson City Fire Department showed on Monday. 

Five different puppets gave lessons through songs to the kids on themes like not playing with matches, staying low in smoke, and having fire drills. 

“They seem to listen a little bit better and retain a little bit more when it’s fun,” said Captain and Fire Prevention Officer Bob Blakeslee. 

The theme for fire prevention week is "Not Every Hero Wears a Cape. Plan and Practice Your Escape!" Blakeslee and his team taught the kids how to make escape plans at home and in school. 

“We can go out of the school or the house and find somewhere else that doesn’t have fire," said Kindergartner Madelyn Hogan. 

One firefighter dressed up in his gear, mask, and oxygen tank to show the students what he looks like if he ever needs to save them.

"It's better to quell their fears early in case they ever do need us and they're not running away," said Blakeslee.

Students also had the chance to see a firetruck up close and see all the different tools the fire department uses. 

Johnson City Fire Department will be visiting various schools through the month of October.