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Broome-Tioga BOCES Staff And Students Stand Up To Bullying

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The staff and students at Broome-Tioga BOCES were dressed in blue on Monday in an act of solidarity with victims of bullying. The global day of awareness is meant to draw attention to the issue, but is also a visual reminder for victims that there are people they can turn to. 

"When it brings them together like this, they see the support," says Lori Martin, Instructional Support for the Broome-Tioga BOCES Oak Tree program, "They see the support of the staff, the administration, the students that are with them." 

Wearing the same color and posing together for a picture is a small gesture, but one students say can mean a lot. 

"Knowing somebody is there being right there, that somebody is going to be there for you, it makes it a little bit better," says student Eryn Wilson. 

Wilson says she has been bullied. So has one in every four kids according to the nonprofit organization Stomp Out Bullying.

Even with raised awareness, anti-bullying campaigns in schools, and new legislation, the group found classmates step in to help only 4% of the time. That's why educators at BOCES say they're encouraging their students to stand up and do something when they see bullying happen.