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Siena Poll: 78% Say Vaping Serious Public Health Problem, 61% Support Flavored E-Cig Ban

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A new Siena Poll released Monday found that a majority of New Yorkers  think e-cigarette use and vaping is a serious health problem.

The new poll also looked at how New Yorkers feel about marijuana and opioid use. 

The poll found that 78-percent of New Yorkers think vaping is a serious public health problem. It also found that 61-percent support the emergency executive order banning the sale of flavored e-cigarettes in the state while 52-percent of New Yorkers support banning all e-cigarettes and vaping devices from sale. 

A majority of New Yorkers (74-percent) support raising the age to purchase nicotine products to 21 in all counties. 

The poll cited an increase in the number of New Yorkers 'touched by opioid abuse' from 54-percent in February 2018 to 62-percent. 

The five conditions that define being 'touched by opioids' have gone up from earlier surveys. This includes the following: 

  • 28-percent (up from 16-percent) say that they or someone in their immediate family has abused opioids
  • 25-percent (up from 14-percent) know someone through work that has abused opioids
  • 35-percent (up from 24-percent) know of someone that has died due to opioid overdose
  • 38-percent (up from 25 percent) has had opioid abuse among their friends or extended family
  • 49-percent (up from 25-percent) has a friend, co worker or acquaintance share with them that they have had opioid abuse in their family

A majority of New Yorkers (56-36 percent) support the legalization of recreational marijuana, but most (53-39 percent) are concerned it will lead to more use and abuse among young people. 

Close to have of voters (47-percent) think legalizing marijuana will lead to workplace problems. 

In New York, 21-percent currently use marijuana while 52-percent say they have used it before.