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Tips and Tunes for Tim Brings Tons

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The owner of McGirk's Irish Pub is not just using his fundraiser to help cover medical expenses, he's using it as a platform to spread the word about early cancer detection. Tips and Tunes for Tim was held at The Orchard in Chenango Commons on Sunday. 

Tim Ward, who is going through ca


ncer treatment, did not want to have the fundraiser at first but agreed after he found his insurance would not cover all the expenses. Tim's daughter Megan Ward was one of the people who planned the event. 

"Really this is about early detection and awareness," said Tim Ward.

In between all of the 6 bands performing, Ward stood up in front of the over 1,000 people throughout the day and told the crowd to make appointments for early detection tests such as colonoscopies and mammograms. 

"If all these people make an appointment, someone is going to be saved by early detection," said Ward. 

The community, family, and friends came together to donate over 150 items for the basket raffle. Just the baskets alone raised over $600 the first few hours of the event. 

The Wards are staying positive as Tim goes through his cancer treatment.

"Have a positive attitude, no matter what," said daughter, Megan Ward. "You never know what someone is going through.

Ward says there is a stigma about having cancer, especially in men, and everyone should be more open to talking about it. His advice to people dealing with cancer is to not be afraid to speak with people about the disease. 

"Talk to anybody and everybody about it...You want to talk to somebody, I will talk with you," said Ward.

For those not able to attend the event, a GoFundMe is available for donations.