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Car Crashes Into Building on Harry L Drive

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Johnson City Police responded to a call at 12:09 pm, where a car crashed into an apartment building on 224 Harry L Drive, between Broad and High Street. 

According to police, 3 people were transported to area hospitals with injuries.

Scott Williams was the first person who responded to the crash. Williams lives in Harry L Apartments and heard the crash happen.

"I heard a squealing and then a bang, looked out the window and noticed the car was sticking out of the building," said Williams.  

After calling 911, he entered the building and saw the person who lived in the basement apartment sitting at the bottom of the steps.

Neighbors say the car came down the hill on Academy Street and lost control of the brakes.

Property Manager Larry Sall says there is only structural damage in the two apartments above the apartment where the incident happened. Those residents will be staying with family, while the damage below will be boarded up until engineers come on Monday morning to repair the building. 

Sall says that the person living in the apartment was sleeping right before the crash and has minor injuries. The condition of the two people in the car is unknown. 

The car was extracted from the building around 2:06 pm. 

Fox 40 is waiting for more information from Johnson City Police.