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Kids Get Hands-On at Vestal Fire Safety Expo

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The Vestal Fire Safety Expo on Saturday in the Lowe's parking lot allowed kids to get an up-close look at how firefighters and other first responders help them and their community.

Firetrucks, ambulances, and state trooper cars were on display so kids could climb in and get a better idea of what the first responders do. The expo featured two trailers that simulated a real house fire to teach kids about what to do during the emergency and how to crawl out of a window in case they are not able to leave through the door.

"You get to see all the equipment they use, and all the axes, and hoses, and buttons, and levers," said Connor Freeman, after climbing out of the simulation. 

The expo also showed a car extrication, so people have an idea of what first responders do if an accident ever happens. Kids checked out ambulances to see what the inside looked like, so they are not as intimidated in case they ever are in one. 

"Things you don't get to see in your normal every day in your life," said Ken Fortier, Vestal Fire Prevention Officer. 

The event also provided an opportunity for people who were interested in joining emergency services to talk to these first responders. 

The Vestal Fire Safety Expo is an annual event and expanded to include other fire departments this year. The fire department also is reminding people to test their smoke detectors.