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Wings of the Week: The Dugout Sports Bar and Pizzeria

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The Dugout's Tiki Bar may be winding down for the summer, but the restaurant stays busy with 30 monitors of football, baseball, and hockey - and serves a lot of chicken wings.

Kitchen Manager Andrew Moshier says the kitchen goes through 20 to 30 cases of wings a week. In the span of the restaurant's 23 years, Owner Bob Porzucek says about 1.4 million pounds of chicken wings have been sold. 

Porzucek is always changing the menu. Right now, there are 19 flavors of wings. Among those many flavors, there are different levels of heat. Customers can try hot, lava hot, or the devil's ghost.

"If you like it really hot, it's made with ghost peppers," commented Porzucek.

One wing is a different type of hot. The Flaming Bourbon wing is served by pouring bourbon on top of the wings and lighting them on fire. 

"As it burns, it imparts a char and some smokiness to the wings," said Porzucek. "The longer they burn, the more intense the flavor."

This is one way to class up the plain 'ole chicken wing. The Dugout likes to put their own twist on many of their foods. 

"We try to find something unique and different that you can’t find, and put our own twist on something that you’re used to,” said Porzucek. 

You can check out the Dugout's wing nights on Tuesdays.