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1st Annual Day of Peace Festival Creates Human Peace Sign

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 Around 1,500 people spread across a field to create one of the largest human peace signs next to Owego Schoolhouse Antiques on Saturday afternoon. 

The 1st Annual Day of Peace Festival's main goal was to bring people together for peace. Attendees were also a part of an attempt to break the world record for the world's largest human peace sign.

“To me, it’s about the music, people just getting out and enjoying themselves and relaxing for the day, and not worrying about the troubles of the world, which seem to pop up more and more every day," said attendee Tim Smith. 

Owner of Schoolhouse Antiques and Event Organizer Leonard Hilldale had the idea after mowing the large peace sign in the field one day. He found out that September 21 is International Peace Day and decided to create a festival around it. 

“I mowed the lawn, I felt alone and without a voice, and now I certainly don’t feel alone anymore," said Hilldale.

While the group may not have broken the world record this year, Hilldale says “in terms of the biggest peace sign on the planet - this is it.” 

The festival is now an annual event, and Hilldale is looking to make it even larger next year.