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Meet This Week's Furry Face: Honey

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Meet this week's adorable Furry Face!

This week we have Honey. This Lab mix is just 5-months old. Honey and Toby were brought up from South Carolina after being rescued from Hurricane Dorian. Just like her name, Honey is very sweet. She's a bit camera shy, but don't let that fool you into thinking she's not a social butterfly. This puppy is very outgoing and loves to play. She also loves belly rubs. Honey's face is the definition of a puppy dog look. With adorable looks and a gentle demeanor, this puppy is the perfect companion for anyone or any family. 

Honey has a lot of love to offer and can't wait to share it with her forever family. She's currently waiting for them to come to Every Dog's Dream Rescue to take her home. 

For more information or to adopt Honey, contact Every Dog's Dream Rescue by calling the Petco in Johnson City at (607) 798-1430.

Every Dog's Dream Adoption Center is inside the Petco located at 420 Harry L. Drive in Johnson City.