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All Nations Benefit Pow Wow Shares Culture With Others

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Dancing, singing, and embracing the earth could be found at the All Nations Benefit Pow Wow in Susquehanna this weekend. The event was a chance for the community to learn about Native American Culture. 

For Belize Fund Associate Marlene Iris, the event was bittersweet. Her husband started the event six years ago and passed away in July. 

"He was Native American and he wanted to share his culture with the community," said Iris. 

Over 15 tribes came together for the event, each showing off the dances that are specific to their tribes. Some younger generations are involved in traditions through their elders, like Jesus Rivera from the Caribbean Taino tribe. 

"My grandfather is the host drum...I'm starting to learn drumming from him," said Rivera.

Others are involved in the Native American community through profession or hobby. Blacksmith Shawn Roslevich was invited into the community to sell his knives that are used in ceremonial Native American wear. Vendor James Bender has been making Native American items for 45 years, starting from an interest as a boy scout. 

Many were inspired by the Native American culture that the Pow Wow aims to share with the community. All proceeds from the Pow Wow benefit Native American families.