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7 Arrested and $15k of Fentanyl-Laced Meth Seized in Delaware County

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Delaware County Sheriff's Office announced the arrest of seven people following a narcotics drug bust yesterday at 37 Union Street in Sidney. 

The arrests include:

  1. William K. McLean, 38, of 37 Union St., Sidney, NY
  2. Nikita M. Kingsbury, 33, of 37 Union St., Sidney, NY
  3. Trevor J. Light, 21, of 37 Union St., Sidney, NY
  4. Jeffrey M. Robinson, 25, of Norwich, NY
  5. Kevin G. Mosher, 23, homeless
  6. Gina L. Overbey, 42, homeless
  7. and a 17 year-old Sidney male

They were charged with alleged Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Second Degree, a class A-II Felony. Investigators are anticipating more charges and possibly more arrests at a later time.

The officers seized about 5 ounces, or $15,000 of fentanyl-laced methamphetamine, plus, prescription medicine, marijuana, and $1,600 cash. 

Authorities say this was a month-long drug trafficking operation.

The Sheriff couldn't say how they were tipped off or if everyone involved was arrested, but he offered this warning...

"We're working every tip, every lead, everything that comes in, and we work very diligently at removing these drugs from our streets. And I want the drug dealers to understand that. I want them to know, just when they think it's quiet, it gets hot again. And they might as well just pack up and leave and go somewhere else, rather than stay here," said Craig S. Dumond, Delaware County Sheriff.

The suspects are being held in the Delaware County Corrections Facility without bail and are awaiting court.