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The Ice Cream Scoop: Tastie Cream in Vestal

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Tastie Cream in Vestal boasts nearly 40 flavors of custard, Italian ice, and soft serve, including:

"Peanut butter, peanut butter cup, there's the mint Oreo, very popular, almond joy, strawberry cheesecake," said David Hand, owner of Tastie Cream. "It's all homemade products, made right here on the premise. I don't buy it from a commercial producer."

Hand's put in 17 years work perfecting his frozen custard.

"The biggest difference in custard it doesn't have all of the air. It's a much denser product, so when you're buying a thing of custard it's only 20 percent air verses over 100 percent air that you get in the other ice cream," said Hand.

The air in ice cream often leads to freezer burn.

Customers notice Tastie Cream's superior quality.

"I'm making four to eight tubs a week," said Hand.

That's about 168 gallons of ice cream a week.

There's not much to the creative process--Hand simply makes what tastes best.

"I was making mint chip one time and I added an Oreo and I tasted an Oreo with mint ice cream and I go oh those two go good together, so now I got mint Oreo," said Hand. 

Tastie Cream is open from March 15th to October 15th everyday from around 1;30 to 9:30.

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