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United Way Goes Over Their 3 Year Plan

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The United Way of Broome County has held several community events throughout the years to find out where their strengths and weaknesses are.

They came together and shared the results of more than 300 individuals to see what their vision of the future for the organization is.

The number one response was having a safe community, and safe places for children to play, but a close second was access and information to healthcare.

Jacqueline Gerchman, Executive Director for United Way of Broome County, said "Access the health care was probably the second largest... While there might be health care opportunities for individuals within communities... They could be limited in transportation... They might not have insurance... They might not know where to seek services"

Melissa Gusman, Marketing Manager of Care Compass, said
"It really helps us tailor our programs so we can really deliver a better quality care for them and help our partners grow and help our communities become stronger and healthier..."

Meeting like this also help United Way of Broome County's partners, like Care Compass.