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Early Morning Dennison Ave Fire Displaces Resident

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The windows and doors of 22 Dennison Ave are boarded up after an early morning fire rendered the home uninhabitable for the time being. Binghamton fire officials say they were called to the north side home around 2 am Thursday morning.

Before they even arrived, the woman living alone in the house had already been rescued by the neighbor across the street.  Fire officials say the woman had climbed out the upper story window and on to the roof of her front porch. A neighbor across the street heard her scream, rushed outside, grabbed a ladder, and got her to the ground. That all happened over the span of a few minutes, as the fire department rolled up right after the woman was already to safety. She suffered minor smoke inhalation. 

Fire officials say the fire was in the basement and was out within 15 minutes, but the smoke spread thick throughout the home, causing a lot of damage.