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Landowner Advocates of New York Respond to Fracking Protest

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In response to earlier this week when Fox 40 interviewed Walter Hang of Toxics Targeting about the proposal to have Governor Andrew Cuomo ban all fracking in New York State, Landowner Advocates of New York (LANY) President Victor Furman told us why New York should have propane fracking.

"It's actually not true that it's going to be a big bomb in the ground...the propane fracking that they want to do in Tioga County is going to be 100% recoverable...it affects no water," says Furman. 

Furman set up a GoFundMe for a lawsuit that is seeking monetary reimbursement for their land that holds natural gas. 

"People need to know what's going on in this state, and that's what LANY's going to do," says Furman.

As an advocate, Furman travels to places such as Lynbrook, NY to speak about the gas shortage there. 

Furman says he is definitely not against renewable energy but says New York needs all forms of energy.