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Children's Home Holds 61st Annual Ice Cream Social

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Community members from all over Binghamton gathered at the children's home campus for ice cream and cake donated by Huff Ice Cream, An event that's been part of the community for 61 years.

George Dermody, President and CEO of Children's Home, said "This is our gift to the community... A chance to come together and celebrate have some delicious ice cream and cake... Meet new friends and old friends and just celebrate a little bit of the summer..."

The event regularly draws 5 to 6 hundred people and has been growing since it's inception, And new this year?

Caricatures by Rus the Big Guy, and the Discovery Center doing arts and crafts.

Margaret Tatich, Vice President of Community and Donor Relations, said "It was always a family fun event with cake and ice cream... But every year we try to add something new that let's families come in and experience fun things as a family unit... And for free"

Children's Home is dedicated to improve the well being of children and their families.
Offering programs to develop and promote healthy relationships and fulfilling lives, and being able to continue to provide the ice cream social every year is an extension of that.

Dermody also said "And also to meet the young people and families that are a part of our service family... Because our young people are full of strength and wonderful skills and talents... And we love opportunities for them to meet with community members and interact in a meaningful way..."