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Gnocchi Night at St. Mary's Bazaar

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Day two of St. Mary's Church Bazaar is underway today, August 10th.

Organizers are expecting 2,000 people to stop by this weekend. This is the 105th year for the church fundraiser.

Popular activities include: raffles, games, live music, and, of course, plenty of food. 

"Lots of great Italian food all homemade here. Tonight we're featuring our gnocchis, so that's a popular thing that people come down for Saturday--that's the only night we sell those," said Dan Svoboda, organizer of the Bazaar.

What else is in on the menu?

"Meatballs, Parmesan sandwiches, eggplant, we have our tripe, that our older Italian folks really like. A lot of great things. We have our Italian cafe, grilled pizza, so much pretty much you name it and we have it," said Svoboda.

The last day of the festival is tomorrow, August 11th, from noon to 2:30pm.

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